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FEMtools MPE (Modal Parameter Extractor)

Advanced Modal Parameter Extraction using Global and Local Methods

The FEMtools Modal Parameter Extractor (Ft-MPE) module is a FEMtools add-on tool for extracting modal parameters (natural frequencies, mode shapes and modal damping) of a structure from a set of Frequency Response Functions (FRFs) or cross-power spectra (XPS) that are computed from response time series.

Modal parameters can be used for applications in structural dynamics or to validate and update a finite element model. The extractor can be used interactively or as a component of an automated process for structural health monitoring and evaluation.

The Ft-MPE is installed and used as an add-on to the FEMtools Framework or any other FEMtools configuration.

FEMtools Modal Parameter ExtractorFEMtools Modal Parameter ExtractorFEMtools Modal Parameter Extractor